15 de enero de 2013

56 year without





R.I.P. Humphrey Deforest Bogart
December 25th 1899 - January 14th 1957

"In movies my father had died many times, particulary in the early days. By 1942 he had made forty five films. In them he was electrocuted or hanged eight times, and shoot to death twelve times. He had also been sentenced to life in prison nine times. But in reality, Bogie had an incredible will to live and he was nowhere near ready to die".

Stephen Bogart

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  1. Hola Paula! me alegro de haberte encontrado, he estado echando un vistazo a tu blog y yo también me quedo :)
    Me gusta mucho este homenaje a Humphrey Bogart, sobre todo el gif donde aparece su eterno acompañante, el humo de su cigarrillo.


  2. He went far too soon indeed. The fact that he passed just a year and a couple of months before my mom was born, really drives how just how long the world has gone without Boggie in it.

    ♥ Jessica


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